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About US

Thank you for choosing SunsetBricks!

At Sunset Bricks, we are hobbyists first and retailers second! We've striven to provide a storefront that provides authentic, hard-to-find, and reasonably-priced collectibles. To this end, we've ensured that each of our collectibles is purchased directly from the Manufacturer. In cases where this is not possible, we've sourced our products from Manufacturer-authorized wholesalers. While not always the most cost-effective, we know the trust of our customers is paramount and will gladly forego margins to earn and retain that trust. Rest assured, there are no "co-mingled" inventories here, and your purchase will ALWAYS be the real-deal.

Brick-by-brick (pun intended) we hope to create a reputable, one-stop-shop for various collectibles. We greatly appreciate your business and hope you have as much fun with your purchase as we did in buying it! Yes...we still geek out too :)